Gabriel Boudier Pamplemousse Rosé


Gabriel Boudier is a century old distiller of creams of fruits and liqueurs. This house, named over its founder back in 1874, is celebrated worldwide for its exceptional products and savoir-faire.

Their unparalleled distillation techniques brought to the world of mixology an impressive range of liqueurs. Their multi-awarded Blackcurrant Cream enters in the making of the famous Kir cocktail – a combination of white Burgundy wine with creme de cassis – or its luxurious counterpart the Royal Kir in which Champagne complements the fruit liqueurs.​

Fruits’ maceration is not the only secret recipe Gabriel Boudier possessed. A Gin formula, dating back to the time Pondichery or Chandernagor where French colonies, was part of the founder’s archives. In 2008, the house adapted the recipe to bring Saffron Gin to taste buds, a perfect blend of botanicals – including saffron – macerated in wheat spirit before distillation. The result is a distinctive orange nectar that catches the eyes of Gin’s lovers.