Helderberg Winter Wheat Whiskey

Helderberg Winter Wheat Whiskey

Helderberg Winter Wheat Whiskey

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The winters are cold in New Scotland.

From November till March, the Town sleeps through long nights under deep blankets of snow; only the crackle of wood stoves and fireplaces intrude on the airy stillness.

It’s during these dark months that New Scots congregate over bottles of Helderberg Winter Wheat Whiskey, toasting to fellowship in their special little corner of upstate New York. All the while, the red winter wheat planted the autumn before lies dormant in the frozen soils of Lime Kiln Farm.

In time, New Scotland’s crisp moonlit pastures will again come alive, trading their snowy fleeces for the green trappings of spring. An evening symphony of peeper frogs will welcome the first lightning bugs’ twilight fireworks, as the ears of winter wheat poke aboveground.

Once harvested and distilled, the grain will then begin its half-decade journey from barrel to bottle, to once more warm our neighbors with a glow. For the winters are cold in New Scotland, and we wouldn’t have it otherwise.

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