Big Moustache Tennessee Whiskey Limited Edition



With our master distiller, we have created a bold Tennessee Whiskey bottled at 100 proof. The first release of Big Moustache produced 580 cases from 14 hand-selected barrels. The mash build is 80% corn, 10% rye, and 10% malted barley. A long fermentation of 3 days makes our whiskey unique. The freshly distilled, unaged whiskey is filtered over sugar maple charcoal before going into new American oak barrels. Bottled at 100 proof. Unchill filtered, natural color. Aged for minimum 48 months in new American oak barrels. Limited Release.

COLOR: Dark cooper

NOSE: Smoky, with hints of vanilla, and cedar tree.

PALATE: A very aromatic taste, full-bodied, rich, powerful.

FINISH: Very long aftertaste, this whiskey petrifies you