Devils River Distiller's Select Straight Bourbon Batch #03

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Devils River Distiller's Select Straight Bourbon Batch #03

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Texas Ranger John Coffee Hays was one of the first explorers to find Devils River. At that time, the river was known to explorers as the San Pedro, named for St. Peter. Hays stood at the rough waters, peered into the deep canyons of this powerful river, and deemed it worthy of a much stronger name – The Devils River.

Orphaned at the age of 15, John C. Hays was an explorer by necessity. He moved to West Texas in 1836, abandoning the life of a surveyor’s apprentice in order to join the army. In just four short years, his bravery earned him the ranking of Captain with the Texas Rangers.

John Coffee Hays possessed much of the spirit Devils River Whiskey embodies. He was beloved by his men in the Texas Rangers for his courage and discipline. He was famous for inspiring camaraderie among his troops, creating the famously loyal and brave band of Texas Rangers we know today. His daring legacy, inviting spirit and passion for discovery lie at the heart of Devils River Whiskey.

We honor John Coffee Hays' legacy and the spirit of Texas adventure by protecting the Texas landmark that is Devils River. It’s blue, vibrant water serves us well by offering the purest foundation for our whiskey and the inspiration to seek adventure and passion in all that we do.

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