Gusto Histórico Tobaxiche Amarillo Mezcal


Gusto Historico is a new brand with several old and very well respected maestros Mezcaleros, whose names are well recognized for the quality of their mezcales or in this case destilados de agave. Gusto Historico (Historic Taste) is the new project from Marco Ochoa co-founder and former owner or Mezcaloteca. The concept behind Gusto Historico is simple and that is to focus on the historic taste and aromas in mezcales based on the communities where they are produced using the traditional distillation techniques in those communities. These destilados will be made in the tradition way which means that the majority of them will be field blends with a few exceptions such as Arroqueño (e.g.) which for special occasions was done as a single agave production or simply when it is a unique agave.