Malecon Reserva Superior Rum 10 YO

Malecon Reserva Superior Rum 10 YO Rum Rum Malecon

Malecon Reserva Superior Rum 10 YO

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A light-bodied, yet decadent offering with notes of fresh lime zest and caramel, this sipper is sure to impress newcomers to aged rum or those with mature palates. Bright and young, this rum finishes long and easy, with tantalizing vanilla and spice.

SERVING SUGGESTION: Delicious on its own over ice or in your classic daiquiri or mojito.

STRENGTH: Distilled at 40% ABV

APPEARANCE: Deep Brown & Ruby

NOSE: Perfumed. Citrus notes and Caramel.

BODY: Smooth. Balanced. Light to medium.

WOOD: Certified 10 Years in White Oak

PALATE: Well balanced. Flower and citrus notes. A hint of spice and tropical fruit.

FINISH:: Medium finish. lingering vanilla and spicy molasses flavors.

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