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A Real Mule's Mule: Vodka, Sparkling Water, Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice & Ginger

First year Texas MBA students Quentin Cantu & Brian Murphy met their first week of school. Chick-fil-a, Wendy's & Taco Cabana were the main food options on campus, so they decided to launch a healthy food business that delivered meals to their classmates.

The team used proceeds from Shark Tank-style pitch competitions and investment from professors to launch Ranch Hand, the healthiest food truck in Austin, Texas. With a bold tagline and protein sourced from local Texas ranches, they took the campus by storm.

On a search for shift drinks that weren’t loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners, the duo couldn’t find anything on the market that met their needs. They began mixing and taste-testing cocktails with their health-conscious customers. Feedback was unanimous: "Please put this in a can so I can buy it". The Ranch Rider Spirits Co. cocktail line was born.