Stray Dog Wild Gin

Stray Dog Wild Gin Gin Stray Dog Wild Gin

Stray Dog Wild Gin

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Stray Dog Wild Gin brings you the best of the Mediterranean in a glass.  This exceptionally smooth and complex gin can be savored neat or mixed. Wild foraged herbs including sage, rosemary, fennel seed, bay leaf and mastiha come together with fresh orange and lemon to create a bright, herbal and truly savory gin.  From the unspoiled mountains of Greece to your home.

Try the Stray Dog Signature G & T

Wild Gin and Tonic
2oz Stray Dog Wild Gin
1 bottle of premium tonic water (200ml)
Mix in a goblet with ice
Slap the Sage! Yes, slap it! Put a sage leaf in your hand and clap to release the flavor. The larger the leaf, the stronger the aroma - so make yours your own.

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