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Capucana Cachaca


Brand Capucana

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CAPUCANA HANDCRAFTED CACHAÇA is a blend of different varieties of barrel aged distilled cane spirits harvested at our 3 family owned estates in: Capuava, St. Lydia & Bertioga situated in Piracicaba, Brazil An innovative spirit brand breaking the mould of traditional cachaças. It ́s complexity in flavour allows for greater versatility when mixing and its unique high energy consumer experiences position Capucana as one of trendiest brands on the market.



Capu Cana was the name the local workers gave the distillery when it was built in the XIX century and signifies House of the Canes. The name is still used within the local community and as a homage to tradition of the distillery we named our cachaça CAPUCANA.



Capucana begins with the harvesting of the best sugar canes from each of the three estates of our own farm and selected to achieve a unique bouquet representing the floral, sweet and mineral properties of the terroir of each estate. After distillation the final blend is a union of non-aged cane distillate and barrel aged cane distillate, from ex bourbon and Islay oak barrels and aged for up to 3 years.