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High West High Country American Single Malt Whiskey


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As admirers of the famed single malts of Scotland, we challenged ourselves to create a true American single malt. Embodying the pioneering spirit of the American west, while paying homage to those who got us here.

A blend of 100% copper pot-distilled malt whiskeys, aged a minimum of two years and produced high in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. Unfiltered and distilled on the grain for a robust, western character.

Known for bold notes of fresh apricots, toasted marshmallow, and roasted walnuts upfront, with honeycomb, sourdough toast, and a hint of smoked lemon peel on the finish.

Best enjoyed neat or with a few drops of water - while the sun dips low of the western horizon.

Tasting Notes: Toasted marshmallow, roasted walnuts, honeycomb.