Naughty Paws Blanco Tequila

Naughty Paws Blanco Tequila Tequila Naughty Paws

Naughty Paws Blanco Tequila

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Metro Paws makes innovative, high-end, eco, luxury pet products. Now we make Tequila. Go ahead and try it, you don’t need a reason to let your naughty out!

Sexy, Slick, Smooth. We hope you enjoy our Tequila as much as we do, as we use premium quality ingredients just for you. So sit back, enjoy a sip, a Margi, or whatever you love! No Judgement Here!

With every Naughty Paws Tequila bottle sold, partial proceeds go to pet rescues nationwide. Giving you a reason to feel twice as good about your purchase!

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