Reserva de la Familia Serrallés

Reserva de la Familia Serrallés Rum Don Q

Reserva de la Familia Serrallés

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In 1994, the Serrallés family tasked themselves with aging a special rum in charred American white oak barrels. From this original lot of 36 barrels, the best samples were chosen for the creation of a truly sublime blend. This singular blend was combined and returned to the charred barrels for a few months so a balance between aroma and taste could be achieved.

This special lot was named Reserva de la Familia Serrallés, producing a rum robust in color and aroma, with a very silky and refined taste in the palate.

Notes of vanilla, oak, sweet air, touch of burnt wood and a slight taste of molasses.

Glencairn whiskey glass, served neat.

The crystal bottles are hand-blown in Mexico by Studio Novell. The bottle has a sail shape that recalls the Serrallés family’s voyage from Spain to the island of Puerto Rico. The glass topper is reminiscent of Don Quixote’s helmet. The wood case has rose brass accents and includes a book with family history and a signed certificate by Master Distiller, Felix Serrallés, who originally put the spirit into the barrels to create the Reserva de La Familia Serrallés.
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